I had a Moment of Sheer Maddness

Let me touch on something. Let me smash a few toes and anger a lot of already bruised egos. ( Grow the Hell up.. or close your legs and stop sleeping around and breeding broken human beings!) This includes me as well.

Children are a product of two strangers engaging in a sexual act that coincidentally produced a beautiful soul or in my case two beautiful souls. It doesn’t matter whether it was a planned or unplanned pregnancy there was a soul born. I have been reading and responding to many different post recently regarding Child support, lack there of, visitation rights and who is keeping the kids from whom.

I am so fed the up with all these adults going back and forth with their bullshit ass excuses about the issues I listed above. We need to get are shit together for the sake of are kids. You can go back and damn forth on social media all you want about having to pay child support and how the mother of your child or children ( not your Baby mamma) I hate that ghetto sounding terminology; but how she keeps you away from your kids or how she spend your child support.

We can keep having this same damn discussion on social media about how the Father of our child or children doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t help financially, physically or mentally with raising your beloveds. For whatever damn reason me included likes to hop on these types of post divide areselves in groups and ready to fight the good fight with are words. We all want to appear like the saint and never the villain and in reality we are all a villain in someones story-line or plot twist including me.

It’s friggin crazy how we defend are opinion but not are kids. Pay close attention to every word plastered on a post yet refuse to pay child support. How both parties blast each other about what they do or don’t do but in reality you are doing something but still not doing enough for your children offline.

Do you know what happens to the children on the sideline watching this shit show like uninvited sectors on the bench. They are the ones taking in are adult madness and blaming their existence for us adults fighting. They are on the sidelines taking it all in and coming up with conclusions on their own about how a man should treat a women and how a women should treat a man and most importantly how they are going to treat their children in the future.

If you are only damsging your children by not paying your child support because you are angry with her, still wanting to sleep with her, mad at her for having a new man or you simply have contempt in your heart for her. Let me tell you Brother you are only up your kids!! If the mother of you kids are struggling dummy so are your damn Kids. They are the ones going without food, shelter, lights, warm clothes, school needs, extra curricular activities and more because of your selfIsh ass ego and your need to hurt the mother of you kids. The best thing you can do for your kids is love and respect them and their mother. Being in love with her at this point is pointless but loving the mother of your kids is important. They are two different things!

Kill your horrid ego and learn how to co – parent together for the sake of their stability, sanity and happiness of your children. Damn it is not about us selfish ass egotistical adults!! Its’s about the beautiful souls who didn’t ask to be here.

For the mothers that selfishly keep their children from their fathers you are a very nasty creature and you are making good moms like myself who begging the father to see their kids look bad. People generalize and lump us all together and I hate that! However; if you’re keeping them away from an abusive father, a father that is mentally incapable of caring for your children or other justified reasons why is one thing. However if you are doing it out of spite to hurt him is an inhuman and treasonous thing to do to him and the child or children!!

They deserve the right to know both sides of the tree. You are not here to be their all. You were called to be their mom and he is called to be their father. Do not set up your children for future failure because of your pettiness, your jealousy of him moving on with another women, your divorce or bitterness. It feel so good to you to hurt him like he hurt you but do you truly love your children if you are willingly hurting them to get back at him?

Let me tell you the outcome of what adult madness does to are beloveds. They will end up feeling , unloved, unwanted, abandoned and feel like their very existence is a burden. They will be the ones struggling along side the single parent or left sadden by not being able to see the parent who is willing to put in the time. They will cry themselves to sleep, develop depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and more. They will have low self esteem issues and issues with trusting people.

How do I know? Whelp; my two broken children are a product of two immature adults.. and now they are in therapy because of us! They feel hurt, abandoned, unwanted and unloved by their dad and they feel the effects and struggles of living in a one parent home with me. Thank God we all go to therapy and we are all as a family working through are shit together. Everyone is not that lucky

They will end up in therapy fighting for the right words to explain their feelings to the therapist ; ( a feelings they should never have in the first place) They will have a screwed up view of the world and relationships as a whole because of us dumb ass adults who couldn’t get it together for sake of are kids ..

Why are we intentionally breaking are own children? We may have been broken as kids too and we know how that feels. Then why the fuck are we not dying trying to make sure that are children are not wounded and broken too? Get the hell off of social media with your debating asses and learn to shut your mouth. Go home and learn how to co parent your children AND LEARN HOW TO BECOME MATURE ADULTS for the sake of those innocent souls caught in the cross fire!. If you need proof address my daughter Maxi Naysa or Selah Craft if you need a kids prospective!

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