I am more than a pretty face.

My thoughts for the evening!πŸ’»
(Be more than a pretty face beloveds)

I am not just beautiful. I am not just sexy. I am not just a fine women . I am not just my body.( In reality all of my life men have made me feel that way and that breaks and always has broken my heart …)

I am not a visual goddess of perfection. I am not a great angled selfie. I am not just merely a pretty face. I am so much more than people give me credit for!😭πŸ˜ͺ

I didn’t choose the earthly shell that I embody. I am a combination of my parents, God and the universe. (Hell, most of my life I hated how I looked. )

What I am is a beautiful soul. I am love and light. I seek peace, understanding and overstanding. I am a collection of love and pain. I am here to make a difference by first making a difference with myself and my family. I am a lover of love, pure joy and internal bliss. A person that believes in Justice.

I am a soul that feels everyone’s emotions that are in ear shot of me and that means I feel, carry and understand others pain without words. I am here to service and help others on this lifes journey as openly and honestly as I can. I don’t care if you pass judgement on me for anything I say or write. That is merely a refelection of your judemental soul and not mine.

Stop merely looking at my earthly shell that is in fade mode as we speak. Stop addressing me by my appearance and start address me by that which lives within me just as I address you by your beautiful soul. I have bad hair days, morning breath, unkept toes at times and my shit stinks like yours. Lmaoooooooooooo😝😝😝😝😝!!!! Oh yeah I have to smell it not you so I know!

I am perfectly flawed just like you! I am not alway selfie or photo ready. I am a mess most days mentally, physically and spiritually. Don’t look at me like I am God’s gift to man.. Hell God doesn’t even want to claim me on most days and that speaks volumes!

I have problems and struggles just like you. No ones perfect. No selfie is perfect. Stop judging people by how fine they are and start judging them by the depths of their soul. The compassion in their hearts. The kindness in their bones. The empathy that pours from their heart from learned life lessons.

I wish in my heart that people would learn to use things and not people.. Love people and not things. Find the real meaning in life. Find your passion and calling and work towards them daily. I wish people would care more about humanity and less about material things. Life is not about a collection of things that you can’t take with you when pass. That goes to the next of kin who never worked hard for it like you did. Life is about LIFE! Life is about living and not merely existing.

Your meaning on earth is not measured by the clothes you wear, car you drive, house you live in or the degrees you have rightfully earned. While all that is great.. What is even greater is to me is how well you treat yourselves, family and other human being in private, online and off line. No matter what their race, political affiliations, gender, sexual orientation, job title and social class..

Leave good memories for others when you pass! Leave something stronger than being a bad bitch with a fly ass body who had an emtpy mind and a harden heart! I want to die knowing I helped save a life or two. That I was the reason why someone didn’t give up or take their life. I was an inspiration to just one soul. That my life mattered because I respected and loved life and the lives of others😘😘😘😘😘😘

I love you all beautiful souls!

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