🍷When your flaws are redefined as sexy and beautiful…

🍷When your authentic and maskless self is considered intriguing..

🍷When your eccentricity is celebrated and your oddity is wanted, accepted, actually adored and cherished. ..

🍷When your insecurities are on blast but they are a turn on to him ..

🍷When all your hidden part are revealed to him and he smiles and runs towords you instead of away..

🍷When he handles your moods instead of your moods handling him…

🍷When he loves the “you” no one else sees…

🍷When he just likes being in your presence and likes the rawness of your awkward soul…

🍷When it is a natural connection and nothing is forced..

🍷When laughing together is an never-ending inside joke.

🍷 When both your light and dark parts are equally inviting to him and he is willing to explore both sides eyes wide open..

🍷When he loves, accepts and truly likes all the parts of you that you don’t ..
🍷When he knows that your’re a rarity

👫 “Stay”

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